Pak China Animal Trade

The instant initiative is based upon sustainable development of donkeys in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Donkeys are much neglected group of animals in the province however, it has value in China as its skin is used for manufacture of high value medicines. Under the proposed project its planned to develop and enhance donkeys population so as to ensure regular and interrupted backward supply for export of live animals and enhancing income of donkeys breeders and traders in the province.
The proposed project will help in improving socio-economic status of donkey rearing communities through improvement of health and production of local donkeys, enhance donkey’s population in the province through a rigorous breeding program to meet market demand, develop market linkages for better pricing of animals and enhanced income of farmers/ breeders/ traders, introduction of improved technology, export donkeys to government of China and capacity building of donkeys’ breeders and service providers.
The scope of the project on part of investor will be to; prepare design of animals houses, semen production building, office building, residential building for workers, purchase of machinery/ equipment, purchase of animals, provision of solar energy. The provincial government will cater for utilities and will provide technical and non technical employees for the farms.
The proposed cost of the project is Rs. 1.00 billion. Commercially it has the strength to generate the desired level of revenues and can meet its investment costs. Its exports to China will be major source of generation of funds. Skilled, semi-skilled labour and basic utilities are accessible in the area.
The project provides an opportunity for the donor agencies / investors for investment and to recoup the capital investment with profits. It can be executed through Joint Venture or any mean mutually agreed by the provincial government and the investor. The project is open for all the state-owned, state-supported and private entities.
The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will facilitate investors for interaction with relevant agencies and is committed to be the partner of investor by providing all the basic facilities in the execution of project. It will provide all legal and technical assistance to the investors. The government will provide assurance of money security. Moreover, the investors friendly security situation prevails in the province.