Higher Education

Joint program between technology university nowshehsra and Tianjin

F&S exchanges of UOP with jiangsu university

Beijing hydes foreign training programme

Translation services for government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Printing technologies program by Tianjin

TRI joint research programs with hazara university


Establishment of Luban center by Tianjin modern vocational technology college

Establishment space technology institute at GIK and AUST by beijing sage town

Electrocure and Smart HVDS between CISNR and Huamet tech Ltd

Road safety & disaster protection on CPEC route.

Advanced Energy solutions

Establishment of Huawei academy with UET Peshawar

Establishment of center for strategic development by HED and I/A vallerys and incubation centers by GOVHINA and Cisner UET Peshawar

Establishment of Confucius institute at AUST in collaboration with FEF

Academic and Research programs with Beijing institute of china.

provision of 200 scholarships by belt and road

Provision of 20 scholarships by Tianjin

Collaboration with Tisingua university.

Scholarship, joint Research, F&S Exchanges with harbin university.

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