High rise commercial complex apartments city center (Tokra-3).

High rise commercial complex apartments city center (Tokra-3)

Peshawar is a metropolitan city which is also the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is the fifth largest city of Pakistan with an estimated population exceeding 1.7 million. It serves as the administrative center and also economic hub for the entire province and the neighboring country Afghanistan. Its population consists of urban settlers and immigrants mainly rural areas settled for earning some means of life and Afghan refugees. It is one of the oldest cities of Asia. The headquarters of all the nation building departments, major hospitals and educational institutions are located in the Peshawar city. Major commercial centers provide services to whole of the province.
Presently, the city cannot bear load of the ever increasing population resulting in shortage of space within the city. There is dire need to develop new housing schemes in the city with a centrally controlled inbuilt system of security to attract both citizens and investors. Such projects would help in resolving the accommodation problems of the public and would ensure the fulfillment of the expectations of the general masses specially the low earning and poor segments of society. The government has adopted new modern constructions philosophy of utilizing a small piece of land for accommodating larger population in multi-storied apartments.
The Provincial Housing Authority offers 25 acres of land in the heart of city in Yakkatoot area to investors for the state of art multi- storied commercial and residential complex. The proposed multi-storied complex has approach roads from main Grand Trunk road through the city circular road, main ring road and Kohat-Dora road. The experts of the provincial government has declared the project viable for commercial and residential apartments.
In investment context, the proposed project will offer quick profitable returns for the investors. The commercial areas, amenities plots and auction able housing plots will be major source of generation of funds. Skilled and semi- skilled labour and construction material is available in the area. The said Housing scheme will not only elevate the living standards of general public but will also create job opportunities for the skilled and unskilled labour. The project will increase the housing stock in the province for all walks of life. It will cap the haphazard growth of housing schemes from other developers.
The cost of the project is Rs.500.00 million.The project provides an opportunity for the donor agencies / investors for investment and to recoup the capital investment with profit. It can be executed through preferably Public Private Partnership (BOOT/BOT) or any other mode mutually agreed by both the parties. The project is open for all the state-owned, state-supported and private entities.
The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will facilitate investors for interaction with relevant agencies and is committed to partner with the investor by providing all the basic infrastructure in execution of project. It will provide all legal and technical assistance to the investors. The government will provide assurance of money security.