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The ties between China and the sub-continent, especially the areas comprised of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, date back to thousands of years. May it be the Silk Route or the passage to Asia Minor/Russia/Europe, this province is the real GATEWAY to and from the Sub-Continent.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was strategically been thought about for more than two decades – both by the Chinese and Pakistani think-tanks and over time, the idea went on maturing and has materialised into what is now called CPEC.

Contrary to the prevailing and rather, a created, perception that the region is going towards Chinese monopoly, is largely propaganda. Even if the activity has a tilt towards addressing Chinese interest, it nevertheless, is also the only and a unique opportunity of putting Pakistan on the track of meaningful development.


Our Working Methodology


The CPEC has three phases, which are a short term plan – a medium term plan and a long term plan and currently, activities under the short term plan are underway. As this province has a lesser concentration of activities in the short term plan.

As compared to the main CPEC activities, which are a loan, the activities to be undertaken by the KP Government are purely on an investment basis. There would be no liability created, whatsoever, for the Provincial Government. Therefore there is a clear distinction between the projects to be undertaken by this Province, as compared to other activities which are on loan basis. Most of the projects are being implemented, strictly, under the BoT (Build Operate & Transfer) mode.



The CPEC actually is proving to be an Oasis in the Desert for Pakistan. Although, Pakistan is an equal partner and would be sharing equitable benefits from the project, even meagre benefits would be enough to boost up the national economy. Economic activities are always a means of generating capital related activities vis a vis income generation through employment creation of the local populace.

CPEC is an opportunity of the millennium for South East Asia in general and the Sub-Continent in particular which needs to tapped and taken advantage of in a meticulous manner.

Assessing CPEC and its related activities in the backdrop of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it is pertinent to observe that the route coming from Gilgit-Baltistan has no other way but to go through this province towards Gwadar, thus, the strategic and geographical location of the province is indispensable for the route.