Mr. Azam Khan

Mr. Muhammad Azam Khan

The ties between China and the sub-continent, especially the areas comprising of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, date back to thousands of years. May it be the Silk Route or the passage to Asia Minor / Russia / Europe, this province is the real gateway to and from the Sub-Continent.

This Province is endowed with an immense wealth of natural resources which can be tapped further and utilized in multiple industries in China, thereby, promoting cross border trade. The province has a historical orientation and an inbuilt instinct of trade through the Silk Route. The edge, that this province has, would complement the framework of CPEC and would also offer a further potential of generating economic activities. The cultural cross-fertilization of Chinese and Gandhara Civilizations took place much before the modern era and this new journey under CPEC would be instrumental in reviving not only the historical bonds but would also be a means of  transformation into regional integration for harmony, prosperity and economic cooperation.