24/7 Water Supply and Installation of Flow meters [/one_third]

24/7 Water Supply and Installation of Flow meters


Peshawar is the provincial metropolis of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and due to this reason it’s the biggest and the most populated city of the province. Due to massive increase in population of the city during the last three decades the per capita water consumption has increased manifold and current per capita per day provision is 35 gallons against the international requirement of 48 gallons per capita per day. 

The provincial government has established an autonomous Water Supply & Sanitation Company (WSSP) in Peshawar for efficient and prompt service delivery. The WSSP is catering 45 urban union councils of Peshawar with approximately population of 1.7 million. Approximately 85 million gallons water per day is being provided to the residents of these 45 urban union councils through 575 tube wells.
The cost of proposed project is Rs.13.50 billion. This project will benefit the company for proper planning of water distribution. It will help in using the funds for all areas having tube wells. Water discharge at source is key for calculating proper water demand for population of different areas. The project will help calculation of water discharge at source and will also detect water consumed by each consumer. It will facilitate to improve water quantity in Peshawar through installation of water meter distribution system which will ultimately increase revenues.
In investment context, the proposed project will offer profitable returns to the investors. Skilled and semi-skilled labour and construction material is already available in the area. Basic utilities like water, electricity, telephone and road network are accessible. The investor can change the scope of work with prior approval of the provincial government.
The project provides an opportunity for the donor agencies / investors for investment and to recoup the capital investment with profit. It can be executed through preferably Public Private Partnership (BOOT/BOT) or any other mode mutually agreed by both the parties. The project is open for all the state-owned, state-supported and private entities.
The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will facilitate investors for interaction with relevant agencies and is committed to partner with the investor by providing all basic facilities in execution of project. It will provide all legal and technical assistance to the investors. The government will provide assurance of money security. Moreover, the investors friendly security situation prevails in the province.